Session Introduction

Character illustration is a huge creative field. It is intimately connected to animation and comic traditions, and has a long history of being used in advertising to both promote products and brand companies. In this session, you’ll learn how to come up with great character concepts, develop a character’s backstory, sketch character ideas like a pro, and the process of taking that sketch to a final solution. You’ll get practice with creating your own characters, and even learn about marketing opportunities for your final creations.

We have some talented character designers, especially those crafting their characters in vector format, lined up. Regardless, of your chosen final medium though, there is loads of theory and tons of techniques to learn in this Character Illustration session.

Download this Session’s Cover Art as a Digital Wallpaper


Ryan Putnam did an awesome job putting this sessions’ cover together for us. It depicts the character design process itself, while imbuing the illustration with creative energy.


  1. Matthew says:

    I’ve always wanted to improve my illustration skills. Can’t wait for more about this.

    Great job, Envato! Another great site. Can’t wait for more “sessions”.

  2. Nuno says:

    I would love to learn how to do this wallpaper. Please a plus tutorial. Loved it.

  3. Collis Ta'eed says:

    Hooray, well done Sean Hodge on compiling our very first Session, and awesome to see Ryan Putnam’s formidable talents at work making killer wallpapers and cover art :-) Woohoo!

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  5. This idea and site are awesome – I simply cannot wait to immerse myself in the “session” idea and learn from the best the start-to-finish practices on so many different things.

    Character design is going to be awesome, too, for the fact that there’s many sites out there that like to have a mascot or regular “character” to grace their various pages and topics.

    Not only will this help people understand the flow of a project and give them a good path to follow along with, it’ll also help with learning techniques both in-and-out of their software suites.

    This is gonna be a fun ride guys, really looking forward to it!

    Signed, a massive Envato fan :)

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    Thanks for this guys, it will help in a big way.

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    Congratulation! and thanks a lot for this cool tutorials. I really love it :-)

  14. Ali Hussain says:

    I always love to create mascots/illustrations but fail to comeup with a drawing of them. I hope this session or i can say crash course can help me. Thankyou Tuts+ and Ryan

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  25. Hi, Nice to found this website and cool articles, actually i am newbie in illustration design and concept, but eager to learn about it, so… this website actually can be my guidance to improve myself. about learning the illustration skill, concept, and design.

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